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(If you are copying and pasting from a document such as a MS Word document with bullets, you will need to delete the original bullets after you paste to this form and re-apply using the tags as noted above.)
TThe maximum number of vertical bullets allowed is 6 (for emphasis and readability). Additional job details may be entered in the job information section using paragraphs, inserting the paragraph breaks at the end of each.
After you have entered the text and completed the recommended formatting in the Job Information box, click the Preview button below the box to see what this section of your ad will look like when posted online. You may revise the information and formatting in the box as often as you wish.
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  Maximum allowed total word count for all 3 sections is 250 words.
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Please do not put the contact info for the ad in the Job Information section above, put it here.
The contact information you enter in the boxes below will appear in the ad in the correct format.
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